Ok so it’s really been a while! I know this year has been… well there really are no words for what it’s been- so here’s the quick to the point brief post to share this news and then in another blog post I can address this year and gluten-free life hacking!

So the news is our cookbook is on sale through the end of November for $.99!!! Seriously! 99 cents and you can have a gluten-free cookbook filled with hacks and tips for navigating gluten-free life and making delicious food with you wherever you go! The hard copy is also on sale if that’s your preferred cookbook style- and I can see the benefits of both!

Screen shots from Amazon- but the ebook is on sale with all major ebook retailers!

Ok- so that’s it doesn’t this quick post tonight. I hope this finds you well and navigating this new crazy reality we all are in right now! Stay safe and healthy!!


Marking your (GF) territory!

Anyone else do this??

For the last 15 years whenever we get a drink to go- I’ve always marked it “diet” and “other”. The first time after I was diagnosed I marked it diet but then it got mixed up with the people in the group who bought a diet soda. So the next time with a laugh I marked it “diet other” since at the time gluten-free was not as widely known.

In a world where there is a constant fear of cross-contact or some gluten eating family member grabbing your drink and contaminating your cup- marking your territory becomes a necessity! Oftentimes it can be uncomfortable but the alternative can literally be painful!

What different ways do you “Mark your GF territory”? Comment below!



So excited to be going to the Nourished Festival in Seattle THIS WEEKEND as an exhibitor! We will be selling our cookbook, signing autographs and doing giveaways in booth #411!

So..With the Nourished festival only 1 day away- let’s get the giveaways started by giving away some tickets to the event!!!! To be entered into a drawing for 1 ticket to the event do one of the following;

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3) comment below and tag someone who might be interested in attending either this event in Seattle- or any of the other Nourished Festival events being held around the Nation.

We have 4 tickets to giveaway courtesy of the Nourished Festival! Drawing will be held tonight. All entries need to be made by 9:00 pm PST.

For extra entries check out on Facebook and Twitter!

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Gluten-free Life Hack #10

I feel like it’s been ages since I posted a hack so here it goes!

Gluten-free Life Hack #10

It’s easy to make your own gluten-free food and hide away from the world afraid of cross-contact. It’s great to be cautious, but don’t be afraid to live and try new things.

Sometimes the best things are hiding in your own backyard!

Yesterday we finally went to check out this great Gluten-free bakery in town. I say finally because they opened their store front last fall! It was so wonderful! We loved everything we tried and the atmosphere was so great we will definitely be going back again.

For me it is so hard to try new restaurants I am always afraid of the cross-contact with gluten and my plate. It part of trying is trusting and hoping and if I can’t do that life can be pretty boring and lonely. I encourage you to venture out and find that diamond in the rough in your area. If you need some inspiration here is the video I did of our experience!

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Carrot Cake ( even gluten-free carrot cake)..should have carrot in it!!

Hi again!  I’ve loved getting to connect in person with many of you at the different shows, fairs and conventions we’ve been to over the last few months and online through comments, and email.  I was so thankful to get a particular email that came to us through our publisher, Harvest House. This email helped us realize that after all the edits and checks of the many drafts of our cookbook a last minute formatting change resulted in our Carrot Cake missing some vital ingredients and measurements..including the carrot!!! That just cannot stand! So I’m asking for help, I’m going to share the entirety of the recipe here, please share it. Share it widely!  I’m hoping we can find as many people that bought the cookbook as possible and get this correct version to them and give anyone else who may want to try out this great Gluten-Free recipe a chance to as well!

Enjoy! Happy Baking!

Click on this link for the full recipe! carrot cake

orange carrots on table
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