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Top 10 GF Items Always in my Cupboard 

Ok-rather than do one of my normal posts I thought I’d share the top 10 GF Kitchen staples another way…. through a video!

This was something we’ve talked about doing for a long time, it’s unbelievable that we actually did it!

Please be kind, this is our first one and we are very excited about it-but here it is!

Top 10 GF Kitchen Staples

Please like, share and comment below!  I would really like to hear what items you always have in your cupboard!  Or is there a few items you are dying to have made gluten-free?  I know I was so excited when Krusteaz made gluten free Blueberry mix!! (Hint that’s one of the top 10!)

Top 5 list

Top 5 GF Baking Tips

Here is a quick list of some baking tips I’ve learned throughout the last several years.

  1. First- give yourself some grace. Gluten free baking is tough- but not impossible. Don’t give up the first time something doesn’t turn out right- keep trying! 
  2. Don’t be afraid if GF baking batter looks more wet then you are used to.  I’ve learned that GF baking can dry out easily and so moist batter is almost essential to not have a dried out result.
  3. Stick to the recipe the first time you try a new GF dish. GF baking can be very tricky, and may have slightly different steps or ingredients then you are used to. Give yourself a baseline before you make changes so you can decide if you like the changes or if you like the original recipe.
  4. When using some of the wonderful boxed mixes that are available now add a teaspoon of vanilla to help it taste more homemade. (I picked that up from someone else. 😊)
  5. Spray muffin papers or muffin tins no matter how wet the batter is with a non-stick spray. GF baking tends to leave some of the baked goods behind in the tin or muffin papers- a perfect cupcake or muffin can come out if you spray it first.

So there are my quick gluten free baking tips. Hope they help!