Disneyland my recommendations for gluten free snack enjoyment!

Ok most people go to Disneyland for the rides or ambience and don’t get me wrong I am there with them. However since getting diagnosed with Celiac Disease an equally big draw is the food! There were certain foods I enjoyed prior to my diagnosis and while I can’t have them all, I loved finding out that I can have many of them. So without further ado and in no particular order here is my preliminary list of snacks- at least the ones I got pictures of before I ate them.😉

Chocolate Brownie

We found this was available at several locations- one of my favorites being the Jolly Holiday on Main Street.  Most places will warm it up for you- yummy!!!


This was also offered at several locations particularly inside Disney’s California Adventure Theme Park as a dessert. At first I was a little upset there wasn’t a chocolate option, but these were delicious and a perfect light snack.

Ice cream-Dryers

You scream, I scream we all scream for ice cream!!! This particular offering is in Disney’s California Adventure Park and yes you get the to keep the kitchen sink. Whenever I get ice cream I talk to the chef on site. They always make it in the back using fresh ingredients and ice cream so that there isn’t a risk of contamination. Don’t worry I don’t usually eat it all on my own. This particular visit lead to me meeting an amazing chef who once I thanked him, told me that it was his pleasure. That he enjoyed this part of his job more than anything else. Getting to help customers enjoy food at the park that they might not be able to normally was his favorite part.


So this is one that I had to borrow a picture for (thank you Disney FoodBlog)- we ate it too quick before I could get a picture. Yes folks the popcorn at Disneyland is gluten free so enjoy! My family likes to chose which popcorn stand to buy from based on which character they have turning the popcorn maker. (Different ones for different lands.) Be sure to look for the Rocketeer in Tomorrowland for example.

Dole Whips

Ok- probably my most favorite and looked forward to snack! I also love that they are diary and nut free- so good news for those of you with multiple allergies!  A couple tips the line is shorter if you go inside towards the tiki room and you don’t have to stay for the show. You can eat the treats inside the tiki room show if you want, just make sure to take care of your trash.

Alright so those are the gluten free snacks I had pictures of from this trip. I look forward to going again and adding to this list. Do you know of any that need to be added?  Feel free to comment below.