Marking your (GF) territory!

Anyone else do this??

For the last 15 years whenever we get a drink to go- I’ve always marked it “diet” and “other”. The first time after I was diagnosed I marked it diet but then it got mixed up with the people in the group who bought a diet soda. So the next time with a laugh I marked it “diet other” since at the time gluten-free was not as widely known.

In a world where there is a constant fear of cross-contact or some gluten eating family member grabbing your drink and contaminating your cup- marking your territory becomes a necessity! Oftentimes it can be uncomfortable but the alternative can literally be painful!

What different ways do you “Mark your GF territory”? Comment below!

2 thoughts on “Marking your (GF) territory!”

  1. i recently bought your book. all looks yummy. one minor problem with the carrrot cake. no measures for carrots, raisins, or nuts.


    1. I am so sorry Bruce, and thank you for buying our book! Yes, sadly a formatting error lost the measurements for this recipe in the original printing. I have a blog post that is listed under the cookbook section on this page entitled: “Carrot Cake (even gluten-free carrot cake) should have carrots in it!!” In the blog post I link the full corrected recipe. I also have it pinned on our Facebook page. I hope that helps! Happy cooking!


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