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I’m so excited to announce our first giveaway! We’ll be giving away an inflatable Teal Pumpkin to one of our followers on each of our 3 main sites. Increase your odds by liking, following, and subscribing at our YouTube channel and Facebook both at Gluten-free Life Hacks.


Allergy friendly trick-or-treating!

A great find at Target today! I was so excited to find how big the Teal Pumpkin Project has grown since last year. The idea is that people who have allergy friendly treats to offer for Halloween will have a teal pumpkin on display so people with allergy issues know safe places to stop and trick-or-treat. Watch this short video on our YouTube channel.


Hi! And Starbucks fun!

Hi! I’m back! I’ve been busy working at my day job which I’m sure many of you can relate to. My mom and I have also been working hard with our publisher on putting the finishing touches on our Gluten Free cookbook! It is so exciting to see the end so near! Later I will share more details and some of the fun process, but for this post I really just wanted to say hi, and share a quick gluten-free life hack I’ve discovered!

So most of you may know this already, but this was a new experience for me today! Starbucks has a gluten-free breakfast sandwich! Bonus- it was DELICIOUS !

It comes in this bag- sealed shut, they reheat it for you in this bag to help it stay free of cross-contamination. It is available for order from their app- so you can check availability before you show up to get your coffee. My sweet friend that introduced me to this today was able to use the app to see one Starbucks was sold out and order from another nearby location.

I am so excited to be able to use this for everyday but also for travel to places I’m not as familiar with.

Enjoy this fun new Gluten-free life hack! I’ll be back soon!!!


Gluten-free food and allergy fest! (Part 1)

So we were only able to get there for about the last 45 minutes of the convention today. But we made the most of those 45 minutes. While it’s not as big as some of the more “nerdy” conventions my family goes to there is plenty to look at and explore. I’m very excited for tomorrow! 

Just from the little bit I saw and the few vendors I talked to all of my favorite gluten free companies were there! Including Bob’s Red Mill who I have a whole blog post planned about their many different products that I use! It was so great to see so many of the items I shared on my video, 10 GF Kitchen Staples, represented there! And the SAMPLES! 

It was like a gluten-free Costco… for me!

I’ll post more pictures on our Facebook Album and finished videos on YouTube so stay tuned!!  I’m going to try and interview some vendors tomorrow, if you have any questions you’d like me to ask- comment below or message me!!!