Words can’t describe how excited I am to say that! Our cookbook is a real thing! After working on it for the past year it was so amazing to get to hold it my hands and see it become a reality! I did a short really silly video that shows my pure excitement the night I was given the book.

150+ Gluten-free Family Favorites video

I’ll be posting another blog post soon, but I just wanted to share this great news with you all!


Buy it on Amazon now! Pre-order available before the September 2018 release date!

Hi! And Starbucks fun!

Hi! I’m back! I’ve been busy working at my day job which I’m sure many of you can relate to. My mom and I have also been working hard with our publisher on putting the finishing touches on our Gluten Free cookbook! It is so exciting to see the end so near! Later I will share more details and some of the fun process, but for this post I really just wanted to say hi, and share a quick gluten-free life hack I’ve discovered!

So most of you may know this already, but this was a new experience for me today! Starbucks has a gluten-free breakfast sandwich! Bonus- it was DELICIOUS !

It comes in this bag- sealed shut, they reheat it for you in this bag to help it stay free of cross-contamination. It is available for order from their app- so you can check availability before you show up to get your coffee. My sweet friend that introduced me to this today was able to use the app to see one Starbucks was sold out and order from another nearby location.

I am so excited to be able to use this for everyday but also for travel to places I’m not as familiar with.

Enjoy this fun new Gluten-free life hack! I’ll be back soon!!!


Gluten-free food and allergy fest! (Part 1)

So we were only able to get there for about the last 45 minutes of the convention today. But we made the most of those 45 minutes. While it’s not as big as some of the more “nerdy” conventions my family goes to there is plenty to look at and explore. I’m very excited for tomorrow! 

Just from the little bit I saw and the few vendors I talked to all of my favorite gluten free companies were there! Including Bob’s Red Mill who I have a whole blog post planned about their many different products that I use! It was so great to see so many of the items I shared on my video, 10 GF Kitchen Staples, represented there! And the SAMPLES! 

It was like a gluten-free Costco… for me!

I’ll post more pictures on our Facebook Album and finished videos on YouTube so stay tuned!!  I’m going to try and interview some vendors tomorrow, if you have any questions you’d like me to ask- comment below or message me!!!

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Top 10 GF Items Always in my Cupboard 

Ok-rather than do one of my normal posts I thought I’d share the top 10 GF Kitchen staples another way…. through a video!

This was something we’ve talked about doing for a long time, it’s unbelievable that we actually did it!

Please be kind, this is our first one and we are very excited about it-but here it is!

Top 10 GF Kitchen Staples

Please like, share and comment below!  I would really like to hear what items you always have in your cupboard!  Or is there a few items you are dying to have made gluten-free?  I know I was so excited when Krusteaz made gluten free Blueberry mix!! (Hint that’s one of the top 10!)


Videos And Gluten-Free Food Allergy Fest!

So one of the aspects of trying to make Gluten Free Life Hacks an easily accessible resource for anyone who might need it has always been a back burner of an idea that I was never sure we’d get to. My family has several “vloggers” (video bloggers) that we enjoy on YouTube and watch on a regular basis. One of which (that we know of anyway) also has Celiac disease. In fact it was from watching him that we realized there needs to be more information out there from people actually living gluten free. Information on; how to find foods, travel, have a social life and really just live while sticking to a gluten free diet. And while Justin Scarred wasn’t the entire idea behind this adventure, he definitely inspired us to take the next step we are about to share. 

So I’m sure you can gather from the title where I’m headed with all of this. We are in the middle of editing our first two videos that should be up on YouTube shortly! It’s completely unreal, nerve wrecking and exciting all at the same time! 

To accompany this we are also going to be traveling to our first Gluten-free Food Allergy Fest and will be filming some there as long as it is permitted! I didn’t even know that expos or conventions like this existed- much less that I could eat at one! So stay tuned for more animated adventures to come!