My Can’t-Live-Without Gluten-Free Baking Tools

So I feel bad I haven’t been able to post in a while, I’ll try to make up for it now.  While there are several things that kept me away from the blog, one of the main reasons was I was in the kitchen.  I just turned in a manuscript for a gluten-free cookbook!  My mom and I have been taking some of our family favorite gluten containing recipes and finding ways to make them gluten-free.

I try really hard to use what I have, but I found there were some instances that buying the right tool for the job, made a big difference.  Please know I do not take these recommendations lightly. When I first was diagnosed, I read several different cookbooks, online sources, and dietician suggestions that insisted all new baking tools and baking novelty appliances were necessary to live gluten-free.  I do not totally agree-but here are items have found helpful.  It was a long process to discover what tools were needed and which ones to use.  I’ll include some reference pictures and links to hopefully make your search a little easier.

Remember it has to work for you and your baking lifestyle.


  • Food Scale
    • One of the only new items I purchased when we began working on the recipes it helps when converting your family favorites.
    • The one I linked here is the newer model of what I have.  Wouldn’t you know it, just a few days after I bought mine, it was clearanced out!
  • Screen Shot 2017-09-16 at 5.39.48 PMPlastic cutting boards and spoons
    • Your previously used wooden spoons and cutting boards actually trap gluten! Out with the old, in with the new!
    • I feel like you can find these anywhere.  Make sure the cutting boards are dishwasher resistant and strong enough to last a while.  I also label my cutting boards so I know what food is prepared on it. (poultry, produce, fish, meet, bread etc.)
  • Mini Food processor (suggested)
    • Fantastic for making salsa, sauces and pesto!
    • This is the one I have that I love!
  • Stand and/or hand Mixer (suggested)
    • I love my stand mixer and have had it for years, if you don’t, your hand mixer will be perfect!
  • Toaster Bags
    • Great for keeping your toast, sandwiches, and other items gluten-free but toasty warm! I already shared about what a revelation these were to my life in another post-for more of the story check it out!
  • Foil Muffin tin liners rather than paper Screen Shot 2017-09-16 at 5.30.14 PM
    • As we said before gluten-free baked goods tend to be moist and sticky we have found the foil muffin “papers” sprayed with a GF non-stick spray work best for gluten free muffins and cupcakes-and they look pretty too!
  • Parchment Paper
    • Helps to keep your gluten-free baking from burning too quickly
  • Gluten-free griddle
    • This does not have to be huge, only use gluten-free recipes with this griddle.

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