GF Life Hack #7

One of the great things about becoming gluten free is the discovery of your favorite new gluten free bread. (I understand that if you didn’t have to live gluten free you wouldn’t have to find a “favorite new gluten free bread”, but the fun is in the discovery.). The bread that you can make sandwiches with, and take for lunch to work or school so you almost feel normal. Something to toast for breakfast or make garlic bread with on Italian dinner night.

I have discovered my new favorite several times since I’ve been diagnosed with Celiac Disease. Each time there have been very similar downsides to my the new favorite. I have found that most gluten free breads either dry out quickly or can mold just as quickly. It is so frustrating to spend extra money to eat gluten free just to throw it away.  It has caused me years of trying to figure out a solution. Some breads freeze well, but then you have to think ahead to thaw it out. Another problem with freezing besides planning ahead is that unless it’s completely thawed out the bread breaks apart and is no longer big enough for your sandwiches.

So I came up with an idea that I am completely excited about and I can’t believe it took me so long to think of! It’s so simple it’s ridiculous. My gluten free hack for dealing with gluten free bread is to package serving sizes in ziplock bags. What I love about this is when I need bread for my lunch I just grab a ziplock baggie out, throw it my lunch box with my sandwich fixings and make my sandwich at work.

I’m sure you probably already came up with this hack- but just in case you didn’t…

And yes- my new favorite is Franz gluten free bread! 😊

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