GF life hack #2

This is a perfect follow up to GF life hack #1 and I am so thankful to have had a perfect opportunity to practice it today!

#2 When someone helping you figure out what to eat is able to help you go out of your way to show gratitude and appreciation.

This may sound like common sense- but it’s very serious! Tonight we were eating at the Storytellers Cafe located in the Grand Californian Hotel at the Disneyland Resort. One of the things I love, is that whether you make a reservation or you drop in- at any sit down restaurant they ask if anyone in your party has any food allergies. Tonight I said, “yes, Celiac..” and before I could add what I meant by that the hostess Melissa said,”ok so you are unable to have gluten- I’ve got that down.” Right from the start I was reminded how nice awareness was- and I told her so. She smiled and thanked me for taking the time to say so and a few minutes later she had us seated and passed off to Tiffany.

Tiffany came over noticed I’d been handed an allergy menu and immediately checked in with me. This already was so different then when we had eaten there a couple years ago- last time there was no menu. She talked over some of the finer points- I wished I had taken a picture to share with you- bummer! Anyway, she made sure I understood then gave us some time to look it over. She came back, to check in and offered to bring the chef out in case I wasn’t completely comfortable. — side note please take advantage of this if you aren’t! As I’ve mentioned before we have made this our vacation destination for the last few years and I’m actually starting to recognize some of the chefs and wait staff from previous visits. Please know that for the first few times to any restaurant but especially here, I talked to every chef that prepared my food. They are incredibly sweet and helpful people- talk to them!–And we’re back. I told Tiffany that I felt comfortable with the new menu- and then she proceeded to share what her favorite gluten free items were! Come to find out that even though she doesn’t have to eat gluten free she wanted to know what to recommend so she tried them- and she was right! My food was delicious- in fact I started eating before I got a picture- sorry! But here is what was left of my chicken quesadillas and gluten free bread(which is the base for their flatbread pizza Tiffany recommended that I try next time.) 

All of my food came with the little wooden stick stuck in saying “allergy” to make sure it was kept safe.

Once my family and I finished eating I made sure and stopped not only Tiffany- but I told her manager too. I made sure they knew what it meant to me to have people who knew what I needed and helped me get it. But that they also took the time with me and didn’t just try to shove me off to the side because I would be a more difficult customer. I guarantee if you take the time to show appreciation you will make an impression. And maybe it will help you later if you go back- but you will also help the next “difficult customer” with any type of allergy get the help they need.

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  1. Having waited tables to work my way through college I can assure you that going the extra mile to thank the waitress and going to her manager as well was welcome! Too often people are all too eager to holler about things they feel are wrong but seldom do the same when service is exemplary. Bless you for being an encourager!

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