💗Sweetheart Menu!💗

Just like everyone else, we at Gluten-free Life Hacks have just been trying to survive all of the craziness the last two years have brought. I think no matter where you are in the world there has been a lot of hard moments, for everyone. One of the ways our family has been coping is by finding new ways to celebrate and appreciate even the small moments.

An example would be how we celebrate Valentines Day. As it goes with most families as we’ve had children our celebration has changed from romantic late night dinners and movies to takeout eaten around the kitchen table followed by the latest Disney favorite. With several of our favorite restaurants either overwhelmed with being understaffed or closed the last couple years our idea of how to make the day special changes once again.

So our family took to the kitchen and opened up our cookbook. Realizing that we have pretty set meals for most major holidays we thought maybe we should come up with one for the day of love! We found some “everyday” recipes that could become new traditional February 14th. Below are pictures of some ideas we had. I’ll also include the recipes from our cookbook that we used!

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